A vegetable & fruit panorama

Located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, I garden in the subtropics of the Australian East Coast.

I live on the Blackall Range, 20 kilometres inland, 100km north of Brisbane, at about 600 metres elevation, which modifies my local climate somewhat, and allows me to grow some temperate species, but a few less tropical ones that need warmer temperatures.

 My strawbale home and permaculture garden are ten years old and still developing. This is to be a yearly record of my garden and the seasonal changes and work it needs to maintain a family food supply all year round.

My main wish is to introduce as many locals as possible – as well as others who enjoy the inspiration – to the joys of a beautiful food garden and describe and simplify the work involved each month to have a productive garden.

I hope you enjoy the journey and join me for a while.


This month’s posts:

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