The first Oxhearts ripen on my sheltered, sunny deck

The middle of winter, not much to do except enjoy the midday sunshine and lunch on fresh tomatoes, strawberries and oranges whenever possible. Also a great time to order vegetable seeds or plants for spring plantings.

The rhubarb too is doing well in the winter weather, as are the Asian greens, snow peas, beans and mushrooms popping from the compost under the straw.

My flower seeds are also germinating, I will need to watch out for longer dry spells and keep the moisture up, and my jonquils are spreading their perfume in the breeze – winter is such a beautiful time in the Queensland garden.

Gardening Guide (following Moon Planting)

☻ New Moon 1 July at 6:55 pm

Sow direct: grain crops.

Sow or plant out: cabbage, spring onions, also cosmos, everlasting daisy, Livingstone daisy, African and French marigold, snapdragon and verbena. Plant out pansy and viola. In cooler areas sow in a cold frame: lettuce, silver beet (pre-soak seed).

Grow a green manure or cover crop of red clover. In suitable soils, grow amaranth
or corn as a green manure, if water is available.

On damp soil, apply fertiliser tea to: Camellia and cabbage, celery, leek, lettuce
and silver beet, if necessary. Apply seaweed tea to: citrus and potato bed for August planting.

☽ Waxing Moon 8 July at 4:31 pm

Sow direct: grain crops.

Sow or plant out: spring onions, pumpkin, tomato, watermelon, African and French marigold, nasturtium, snapdragon and verbena and dianthus. Plant out pansy and viola. In cooler areas sow in a cold frame: tomato, capsicum and eggplant.

Prune: bush and standard roses except species, hydrangea and crepe myrtle late
this month or early August. Dead-head camellias after flowering.

☺ Full Moon 15 July at 4:41 pm

Sow direct: radish, swede and turnip.

Plant: fig, pistachio, daylily, bare-rooted roses and deciduous trees. shrubs and vines, jerusalem artichoke, potato, asparagus crowns, potted grapes, rhubarb
crowns and herbaceous perennials. In a cold frame, sow: beetroot (pre-soak seed)
and echinacea.

After watering, fertilise: daylily, all established roses, crepe myrtle and rhubarb.
Prune: frangipani. Take frangipani cuttings. Grape pruning should be completed
this month.

Harvest crops for storage on non-fertile days.

☾ Waning Moon 23 July at 3:03 pm

No sowing or planting this phase, but weed, dig or plough, prepare beds and prune back unwanted growth, if required.

Prepare beds for: grapes, Chrysanthemum and dahlia, also gerbera.

Mulch: prepared beds. Stock up on baled mulch.