So far this month I have turned my surplus of cabbages into fermented sauerkraut. (This is my excuse for being a week late with my posting.)

This may be the busiest time in the garden, harvesting spring crops, seeds for saving and getting prepared for summer. All the hot season crops are going in now, the zucchini are thriving already, finished spring crops are pulled out and fed to the chickens. The other important task is to feed everything and to mulch now before the weather heats up and the rains start – this will protect the soil and nutrients. Hopefully we won’t have a repeat of last year’s torrential downpours. To prevent losing my crop of carrots this year I decided to plant them in a deep planter box filled with organic soil.

Many herbs and vegetables are flowering now and setting seeds which I will save for next year. So far I have collected broccoli, kale, daikon, marigold, echinacea, purple cauliflower, beans, snowpeas and broad beans. 

Nigella - Love-in-the-mist

Nigella – Love-in-the-mist

Gardening Guide (following Moon Planting)

☽ Waxing Moon 3 November at 2:39 am

Sow direct: eggplant and sweet corn.

Sow or plant out: capsicum, tomato, watermelon, bush and climbing beans, rockmelon, spring onions, summer squash, zucchini, African and French marigold and verbena.

Sow direct: pumpkin, cosmos, nasturtium and sunflower.

Prune: climbing roses, ramblers and species roses after flowering.

☺ Full Moon 11 November at 6:17 am

Sow direct: radish and sweet potato.



Sow or plant out: passionfruit, pawpaw, dandelion, lemon grass, banana, pineapple, beetroot (pre-soak seed), carrot, pyrethrum, watercress, banana passionfruit, pelargonium, bromeliad, gerbera and frangipani.

Take cuttings of rosemary, thyme and watercress.

Harvest crops for storage on non-fertile days.

☾ Waning Moon 19 November at 1:10 am

No sowing or planting this phase, but weed, dig or plough, prepare beds and prune back unwanted growth, if required. Check roses and citrus for ‘suckers’.

Prepare beds for: a late crop of potatoes.



☻ New Moon 25 November at 4:11 pm

Sow or plant out: sweet and purple basil, parsley, spring onions, African and French marigold and verbena.

Sow direct: cabbage, lettuce, silver beet (pre-soak seed), NZ spinach (pre-soak seed), cosmos, nasturtium and sunflower.

Grow a green manure or cover crop of adzuki bean, cowpea, lablab, pigeon pea, soybean or millet. ln suitable soils, grow amaranth, mung bean, Japanese millet, or sorghum.

On damp soil, apply fertiliser tea to: young rhubarb, melons sown in October. Also to cabbage, lettuce and silver beet and young passionfruit, if necessary.

Apply seaweed tea to: young grapes, citrus. Apply at half-strength to kiwifruit.